And again, we’re beyond thrilled to announce the second happening of Hintertreffen 2020 Festival No.2 taking place from 26th to 28th of march 2020 at our beloved Zukunft am Ostkreuz!

This time we tried to go even further, so to say: We present you a ride to the realms of avantgarde and beyond!Again our approach was to unite different extreme genres from noise-rock to jazz-core to psychedelic-fusion to progressive-kraut!

Without further ado we like to present to you the artwork by lovely Artourette & the line-up of the Hintertreffen Festival 2 2020:

The event will be headlined by Norwegian fusion masters in elephant9, been said to be an unbeatable force on the field of outworldy jazzrockjams!

In honour of the labels and festivals like Exile on Mainstream Records, Discorporate Records, South of Mainstream & Disco-Fest, which shaped us the most with in our evolution as musicnerds and -lovers we’re happy to present a handful of old friends from these days: Starting of with legendary Austria dada-noiserockers in bulbul, the progressive-sludge-duoforce Beehoover (presenting their new album), postrockwavers The Antikaroshi & last but not least rockpowerhouse TARENTATEC.

Also our friends from french hitlabel Dur et Doux are able to join us again in form of jazzists CHROMB! and the zappaesk weirdo people of ULTRA ZOOK!

We’ll be joined by Oli Steidles (drummer of such people & bands like Peter Brötzmann, der Rote Bereich etc) extra ordinary jazzcore group The Killing Popes!

It’s also a special pleasure to announce the first Europe-appeareance ever of Gold & Silver, the psychedelic brainchild of Nick DiSalvo & Michael Risberg of Elder, beeing reactivated after nummerous years of slumber!The lineup will be completed by Bavarian 70s psych-proggers Karakorum & Berlins math artrockers of Humans As Ornaments (ex-Reversed).Presale is up via KOKA36.

In order to warm us all up for the event, Dur et Doux published the following playlist including every band who is going to appear at our festival.

We hope to see you soon on this insane happening!

Keep on progging and spread the noise!



*This is not the exact running order/day.

  • 26.03.2020
  • Beehoover
  • The Antikaroshi
  • 30,000 Monkies
  • ShitVector
  • 27.03.2020
  • Elephant9
  • Oli Steidle & The Killing Popes
  • Gold & Silver
  • Humans As Ornaments
  • 26.03.2020
  • Bulbul
  • Chromb!
  • Ultra Zook
  • Karakorum
  • Tarentatec
  • Stonehenge


3-Day-Ticket: 53€ + Fee
2-Day-Ticket (Fr+Sa): 40€ + Fee
1-Day-Ticket (Fr or Sa): 20€ + Fee
Single Tickets for Thursday only available at the box office