Humans As Ornaments

Overpowered but weirdly settled.

Thats how Humans as Ornaments releases you from one of their gripping live performances. A performance that tries to find out what might happen, if you mold two minds together as closely as possible and let them consistently argue throughout.

In their fight for an answer to this argument, Humans as Ornaments present songs with a great deal of diligence, variety and emotional integrity. They tap-dance from a decidedly progressive math and noise rock frenzy to catchy melodies and an emotional resolve, that makes you simply stand and listen.

It’s not merely polyrhythmic chaos, but a musical journey that seeks to give meaning to all of their anger, frustration, longing and sensuality. Like a slight breeze of fresh air in the middle of a day, that is getting too hot and too protracted.

Heavily influenced by the East German math and noise rock scene, Humans as Ornaments try to push the boundaries of what ‚duo‘ might mean. With emotional integrity and musical ingenuity they continue to spurt out whatever comes out of that fight between their two minds.