die österreichischen avantgarde-magiere vereinen nomeansno-zickigkeiten mit einer fetten portion sympathischer überdrehtheit und werden euch einhundertprozentig in euren bann ziehen. noise-kaskaden, plötzliche harmonieverliebtheit, kostüme, neo-jazzdekonstruktion und dissonante verstimmungen. bulbul halten keine maulaffen feil – on stage knallen sie überraschungen im dauerfeuer. noise-rock’n’roll ist das, reduziert auf das maximum. lass krachen!

east-germans about bulbul

in 1996 i wanted to form a music-group called bulbul – that word sounds heavy’n’drunk but means night’n’gale – however didn’t know anyone who would share the stages with me, raumschiff engelmayr. my band-members were a drum-machine, a vacuum-cleaner and a water-tap. i recorded the first bulbul-record, a 300piece 12″, with a 4-track 1/8″ tape machine. the gas-stove of my flat was the bass-drum and a box full of nails the snare, tooth-brushing was the cymbals. people started liking the bulbul-shows including trash all over the stage so i recorded the second album. this release, a CD packed between metalplates, was simultaneously the start of a long lasting partnership with the vienna-based label trost. we produced 1500 of those „sleeves“ in papa’s metalworking shop. the CD is filled with songs and experiments, lyrics in fantasy-english and austrian countryside-slang. some pop-journalists from germany became aware of bulbul and caused a lot of commotion. when playing concerts i dressed myself as an orbital indian but soon got tired of the drummachine and invited a human drummer, zan, and a guitarplayer who should do the bass-treatments (his name is derhunt), to join bulbul. as a trio we did a lot of shows disguised as sunflowers and recorded a noise-rock album in 1999 with always on our side engineer ollmann and with the help of a horn-section, the bulhorns. when zan left us in 2001, derhunt (who turned out to be a genius bassplayer switching between straightness and experiment, roaring and whispering) and me were looking for a drummer and asked ddkern to play with us. we knew him from shows bulbul played together with his groups fuckhead and pest. ddkern is also producing techno-tracks and, together with philip quehenberger, a motor in a viennese kind of „free-szene“ – and he is also a walking encyclopedia concerning music of the past 100 years. he has been giving lessons to the rest of the band when driving the tour-van and besides led the group into improvising. we are dressed as chickens or girls and use the boatwisch (handbrush) instead of vacuum cleaner now. we love the lunar-notes and play the blues, punk!

raumschiff engelmayr about bulbul (for the french magazine octopus)